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Top tips for posting an ad:

  • Ads should be short and interesting
  • Think SEO when creating your title: use keywords that people may be searching, don’t get too descriptive or creative here
  • What condition is the item in? Brand new, gently used, excellent, showing its age, etc.
  • Don’t forget measurements
  • Although the price field isn't mandatory, placing a price in there is a good way to show up in more searches

For photos, keep some of these things in mind:

  • For larger items, remove any background clutter, but consider adding other subtle and eye-catching items. For example, rather than taking a photo of a plain and weathered BBQ, use the surroundings you have. Get an angled shot with flowers in the background as this little bit of colour will liven up your BBQ. If you are trying to sell a car, drive to the park or beach to get that beautiful photo – it works!
  • If your space allows for it, always photograph from the furthest distance away and use the zoom in your camera. The reason for this is to ensure that your perspective stays true to the object.
  • Ensure your photos are the right size, and don’t crop off the edges of your item. We recommend a square format, 800px x 800px or 5MB, our sites can take up to 20MB. On our sites you can edit photos after they are uploaded. This includes rotating and cropping photos, just click on the pen icon to edit.
  • Include more than one photo in your ad. Our sites allow up to eight photos per ad so make the most of it! Capture all angles: front, back and sides. Zoom in and take close ups of important details. If it’s a rental suite, we want to see all rooms! As a bonus you will receive less questions when you show more of the item.

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